“ Your audio yoga classes allow me to practice more deeply. Much better than a yoga DVD - I no longer become distracted looking at the screen. ” Sally – Plymouth, U.K.

A well balanced yoga practice contains a blend of physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditation/relaxation practices that will simply and subtly increase vitality, relieve stress and tension and fine tune both body and mind.

Yoga was first practiced over three thousand years ago. In more recent times Yoga's popularity has blossomed mainly because of the immense benefits it brings to our modern lives.

All products within the Yoga area of Wellbeing World all classes have been created specifically as audio classes. They really are the next best thing to having our experts teaching you 1 to 1 in your own space. You will find MP3 and CD classes devised for beginners, for those wishing to progress from a beginner level to the improvers level and for those with lots more experience. There are also gentle yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga classes and more.

You can browse the full range below or select a sub-category from the list on the left to narrow the selection. You will first see a brief description of each product and, if you wish, you can learn more about the product, listen to free samples, and in many cases view the PDF visual reference guide book before making your selection.

We recommend a frequent and varied yoga practice to really maximise the benefits you'll get, so using a selection of Wellbeing World classes is the way to go. When you buy any 2 or more products in a visit to Wellbeing World you qualify for our multiple item discounts, the more items you buy, the more you save.

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  1. Yoga 2 Hear Postnatal Yoga MP3 Download and CD

    Postnatal Yoga

    Starting at: $15.95

    Postnatal Yoga consists of two different safe, effective and practical 30 minute instructional yoga classes. The classes have been specifically devised for use after pregnancy and are suitable for new moms with and without previous yoga experience. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples
  2. Introduction to Core Yoga MP3 Download and CD

    Introduction to Core Yoga

    Starting at: $14.35

    Introduction to Core Yoga is an easy-to- follow 25 minute class using simple and effective yoga postures to strengthen the deep muscles of the lumbar spine, pelvis and abdominal areas. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples

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