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Spectrum States - CD

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The music in Spectrum States has been composed with the assistance of colour researchers and well-being practitioners. It is designed to nourish your physical,mental,emotional and spiritual lives and produce a recharging and balancing effect.

The Spectrum Suite - Violet Sample

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The Spectrum Suite - Yellow Sample

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The colour spectrum, and it’s appearance as a rainbow, is one of the great phenomena of the natural world. Everyone at some time in their lives has been moved by it, and it has inspired children, artists, philosophers, scientists and poets throughout the centuries. There is now a growing acceptance that colours have specific effects on our feelings, mind states and phychological responses.

The Mosaic Orchestra are working to explore and represent the nature of colour through rhythm and music and Spectrum States is the result of their extensive research into the effects and significance of the seven-fold colour spectrum. They used percussion, guitars, bass, mandolin, harp, clarinet, flute, recorders, celtic whistles, glockenspiel, keyboards and cello to create this album.  

The Spectrum States CD/Download contains the following tracks

    The Spectrum Suite
  1. 1. Red. Invigorating, building confidence and stamina
  2. 2. Orange. Quickening, in search and discovery
  3. 3. Yellow. Quietening, in settlement and contemplation
  4. 4. Green. Enlivening, with uplift and lightness
  5. 5. Blue. Coolness of mind, clarity of thinking
  6. 6. Indigo. The feeling of one's close self
  7. 7. Violet. The bringer of change


8. Arterial Formations. Combines the frequencies of Bones, Blood, Flesh and Nerves with the frequences of Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and White, balancing all to a piont of readiness

9. Silvery Weave. An English tapestry with a spectrum weave

10. Renaissance Green. Agreen of England with Elizabethan overtones

11. Orange Celebration. There is a contagious joy in orange, with the freedom to explore, and simply do what is possible to do

The CD/Download also includes a booklet containing information about the tracks and it's creators.

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