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We have thousands of regular customers who trust the quality of our audio sessions!Now you can work with us to develop and create amazing audio wellbeing products that sell to a global market through iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Waterstones and over 22,000 other outlets.

Over the last 10 years we have worked with English speaking techers from all around the world to develop, recorded, produce and sell more than 100 audio wellbeing sessions. 

We offer our full development, recording, editing and distribution services to wide range of health and wellbeing practitioners, authors, businesses, training organizations, etc, wishing to reach a massive global market, raise their profile, and create an income for many, many years to come.

What type of content?

Istructional Classes, Guided Sessions, Lectures, Motivational Talks, Audiobooks, etc, in any area of wellbeing! It could be personal development, health, fitness, brain power, wellness, corrective exercise, meditation, diet, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, massage, physiotherapy etc, etc. Your product could be a quick 15 minute guided session or a complete educational course. Get in touch with your ideas and together we could bring your skills and knowledge to a wider spectrum of people than you ever imagined! 

What's the process?Learn to Meditate - The Metta Bhavana - one of our many successful MP3/CD sessions

Get in touch and tell us about your ideas. Once we have agreed a contract we work with you to develop your ideas into high quality audio sessions. We then provide you with the professional quality equipment needed for you to record your content and we will, of course,  guide you through the process. You don't need to be computer wizard, if you can send email you can do it! 

Once your content is recorded you send the equipment and the audio content to us and we get to work editing, mastering and converting the files to meet the high production standards required to sell your products through our worldwide digital outlet channels. Once you are happy with the edit, we allocate an I.S.B.N number, create sample tracks, create artwork and release your product.

How much does it cost?

From as little as $600 US or £350 GB for our full development, recording, editing, artwork and distribution package. The fee is paid in three installments during the process and there are no hidden extras. If you are looking to launch a range we offer great discounts for two or more products.

How Much Will I Earn?

This, of course, depends on sales of your product. We pay between 25% to 40% royalties quarterly on all sales right from day one. These percentages are way above the industry norm and mean you will recoup your initial outlay and make a profit in next to no time! 

Want physical sales and distribution also? 

Some of our leading sellers.If you also want full CD production and distribution, flash drives, etc, for your new products we have facilities in the northern and southern hemispheres and can take care of the whole process for you including graphic design, CD production, storage and order fulfilment.

Already have a product? Let us distribuite for you.

If you have already created a spoken word or instructional wellbeing product, and would like to obtain distribution, please get in touch before sending us samples. We will seriously consider all suitable submissions!

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