Our Experts


Sue Fuller - Yoga Teacher and Writer.

Sue has been teaching both Hatha and Sivananda yoga for over 20 years. She trained with the Sivananda organisation in Neyyar Dam, India and has since continued her studies whilst teaching yoga classes and workshops in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Sue is the resident yoga expert at Natural Health magazine and is the author of three British School of Yoga training courses including “The Pre and Post Natal Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course” and “The Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course”. 

Sue’s style of teaching makes yoga accessible to everyone.  A love of teaching and watching her students improve their levels of health and vitality inspired Sue to produce the ever growing Yoga 2hear range of audio yoga sessions.  The range features classes suitable for all levels of ability, mobility and experience. 


Rod Watson - Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.

Rod WatsonRod is an experienced teacher of Yoga and Meditation.  He began practicing Buddhism in 1973 and Yoga in 1986. He qualified initially as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher in 1992.  He then moved on to Ashtanga Yoga studying with Derek Ireland, John Scott and David Swenson. More recently he has softened his approach influenced by the Yoga teaching of Donna Farhi.

Rod has taught classes and workshops globally. He delivers yoga classes that are relevant and rewarding, combining elements from his personal journey into Yoga, Buddhism and Psychotherapy. His teaching is grounded in everyday reality, and provides tools and techniques to help students accept their reality and live more fully in the present.



Rae Roberts - Meditation Teacher.

RaeRae has practised meditation since 1982 and is ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Community. She has taught meditation in many contexts and countries including the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

She began with the Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation and Metta Bhavana: Meditation on Loving Kindness and has done several other types of meditation over the years including the Green Tara visualisation, Six Elements Practice, Brahma Viharas and insight meditation. 
Rae was the Director of  the Aryaloka Buddhist Centre in New Hampshire, USA for 10 years and has helped establish and run Meditation and Buddhist centres throughout  the world. She lived for 3 years at the Taraloka Retreat centre in Shropshire, England, where she led retreats for women.

Rae says, “I especially enjoy teaching meditation to newcomers and seeing the incredible effect it can have on them and their lives, as it did for me. Meditation helps develop inner calm and focus and is a potent tool for reducing stress and developing perspective. It opens up a new way of seeing ourselves and the world.” 


Swami Muktidharma - Satyananda Yoga Teacher. 

MuktiSwami Muktidharma is an inspiring speaker and teacher who has dedicated his life to yoga.  He began his spiritual journey as a young man in his native Colombia, before spending 16 years in India living directly with Yoga and Tantra Master Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati. 

Swami Muktidharma approaches yoga from a scientific point of view to bring it into the 21st century in a valid way. He uses scientifically proven Yoga techniques to treat asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes and other psychosomatic disease.  He lectures throughout the world, sharing his wisdom and experience of over forty years of yoga practice.  This includes bi-annual visits to India, where he leads courses and in-depth retreats. He has published numerous articles on various topics of Yoga that have reached people in all corners of the world.

For several months of the year Swami Muktidharma is based at Anahata Yoga Retreat in New Zealand, where he is co-founder and a director.  Here he leads programmes and retreats, works therapeutically with people from around the world and trains residents in living a yogic lifestyle.  He shares his knowledge with humour and strength, touching the heart of many aspirants and inspiring them to expand to their full potential.  Swami Muktidharma’s main purpose is to inspire and uplift humanity.


Barbara Ann Grant - Vocal Coach & Sound Healer.

BarbBarbara Ann Grant is a classically trained mezzo soprano. She sang her first public performance aged 6, began formal lessons at 13 and went on to study performance voice at the Wellington Conservatory of Music, Victoria University and Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, U.S.A, where she received a full tuition scholarship. 

In her early twenties Barbara contracted a shoulder and neck injury which turned into a chronic pain condition. Whilst studying opera singing Barbara was working to manage and heal this complaint. After undertaking the traditional Western medical approach, including unsuccessful surgery, Barbara met a reiki practitioner and began exploring Eastern approaches to health and well-being. During this healing pilgrimage Barbara learnt a huge amount about her own life patterns and how they had contributed to her chronic pain. Inevitably this journey into self and healing led this singer into sound healing practice. In the U.S and later in the UK Barbara met some of the leading sound healers in the world today and discovered sound as a tool for deep, therapeutic self-transformation. 

After a 21 year odyssey with chronic pain and a vocal journey of over 30 years, that has taken Barbara all round the world, she feels both inspired and compelled to share what she has learned with others. In terms of traditional teaching of vocal technique she says, "Our voice is a deep expression of our true self. We need to 'feel good to sing good' and 'sing good to feel good'. Treat the voice with the curiosity of a child and the voice itself will teach us the lesson that we are always free and whole and we have always been so. When our voice finds this truth it echoes it back to us on all levels and in all ways and we are deeply transformed." 


Swami Karma Karuna - Satyananda Yoga Teacher.

Karma Karuna

Swami Karma Karuna is a founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand and a dedicated, intuitive yoga teacher with years of experience working with a wide range of people. From an early age she developed an interest in spiritual life and in her early twenties travelled through Asia exploring diverse spiritual traditions; finally dedicating herself to the yogic path, guided by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, world-wide head of the Satyananda Yoga tradition.

Swami Karma Karuna has received yoga training in Nepal, India and Australia. She spends 3 months each year living and teaching in India at the home of Satyananda Yoga, Rikhia and Munger ashram. She travels internationally for part of the year, sharing practical yoga techniques for transformation in countries all over the world. Swami Karma Karuna has also been involved as a mentor for teacher training courses at the Australasian Satyananda Yoga Academy and worked with groups of Yoga Therapists throughout the USA. 

By combining yogic lifestyle and family life, Swami Karma Karuna brings a unique and practical approach to the integration of yogic principles into everyday activities.  Her energetic and warm presence inspires those she works with. 


Tim Maples - Yoga Teacher & Leadership Coach. 

TimTim was introduced to the Yoga of Indra Devi in 1975 and then attended a six month Raja Yoga teachers training in Pondicherry , South India with Swami Gitananda.  In 1977 he was initiated  by Shabd Master Charan Singh into the mystic meditation path called Sant Mat. 

Tim is enthusiastic and sensitive as a Yoga teacher, he has the ability to connect with his students and ensure that his instructions are comprehensible and achievable.  His commitment to his own spiritual path has highlighted and revealed the many areas where yoga can provide balance and offer support for so many activities - this enables Tim to share and present intelligent yoga classes to a wide variety of students ranging from Yoga teachers to Beginners. Tim also brings his international experience as a Leadership Coach/Facilitator, Polarity Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Nutrition author to his Yoga workshops and classes. 

Tim has created his Vinyasa Flow classes drawing on many influences including Iyengar, Ashtanga and traditional Raja Yoga precepts. These are based on four principles of self-awareness, breath, alignment and flow.  Tim is the founder and director of The Inspire Yoga Centre in Nelson, New Zealand which is an expression of Tim’s love of mystic traditions and community. 


Lucy Owen - Pilates Teacher.

LucyLucy is a Firefighter, accomplished horsewoman, gymnast and fitness fanatic who discovered Pilates and it’s many benefits 12 years ago. She then decided to train as an instructor and has since become a highly respected teacher specialising in introducing beginners to mat based Pilates techniques. She oozes energy and vitality from every pore of her body and she is the perfect example of the benefits Pilates provides.

“Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise for everyone!  It is a balanced conditioning program that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.  Whether it is improved core stability, injury rehabilitation, improved sporting performance or a flatter tummy you are aiming to achieve, Pilates can help with them all!  Many people who use my classes have commented on how much longer and leaner they feel after just a few sessions and they soon become hooked on the benefits of a regular Pilates practice."  


Andrea O'Fee - Nutritionist.

Andrea O'FeeAndrea gained a BSC majoring in Human Nutrition from the University of Otago, New Zealand.  She is a firm believer in providing sound nutritional information, supported through scientific research and believes in a holistic approach to healthy eating, recognising that it is not always easy where processed foods, high in fat, sugar and salt are widely available. Andrea say’s, “Education on healthy eating is important, however it is insufficient on its own to enable better eating. The focus must be on addressing individual barriers to change and considering this in today’s modern, fast-paced environment. There is a lot of information out there about what is best for you, I aim to provide safe advice and sustainable eating plans, based on official guidelines”.  

In addition to advising others on nutrition Andrea uses her knowledge for her own benefit. In February, 2011, she swam the Cook Strait, an infamous body of fast moving water between the North and South islands of New Zealand. Andrea completed the mammoth swim in 7 hours and 8 minutes, just 20 minutes outside the current record.  Andrea say’s, “I was very fortunate to be able to put my background in nutrition into practice during the preparation for my swim”. 


Swami Kailash Saraswati – Satyananda Yoga Teacher.

KailashSwami Kailash Saraswati has studied and lived in Satyananda Yoga ashrams in New Zealand and India from an early age. He founded the Srinivasa Yoga House in Hamilton, New Zealand. 

From his experience he brings a practical, simple and joyful perspective to all aspects of yoga. He is a warm and engaging teacher and has been teaching yoga for twenty years, most recently in Australasia, India and Korea. 

Swami Kailash is currently living in Rikhia, India, at the heart of the Satyananda tradition.   



Linda Woodgate - Laughter Yoga Leader & Healer.

Linda“Feel Good About Yourself” is Linda Woodgate’s message and goal - no ego, no hidden agendas, Linda has an abundance of warmth that she will generously share with all those who wish to receive it.  

Linda Woodgate is a UK trained spiritual healer, a laughter yoga leader, workshop facilitator and a tutor for a worldwide healing charity, Linda is able to listen to people and the language they are using and help them turn negatives thoughts into positive words and actions. 

Linda draws on her own life skills and experiences, to intuitively encourage personal and emotional development in others.  She is incredibly perceptive and has the ability to share her wisdom and healings gently and successfully

 “I am a people-based person,” she explains. “Through extensive training in Emotional Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapy and my life’s' challenges, this helps me to encourage people to loose the emotional attachment to the past, and feel it as part of their treasured life experience. To discover who they truly are and embrace their lives and feel good about themselves.” Linda uses anecdotal stories, laughter, relaxation exercises and more, to enhance those positive feelings. 


Atma Sundari - Childrens Satyananda Yoga Teacher. 

AtmaAtma was born at Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand in 1996 and has grown up in the environment of the retreat centre. Sunnie, as she likes to be called, spends time each year in India, where she has taught English to village children, worked in the ashram clinic, been part of the chanting group and given speeches at internationally attended programs. 

Sunnie has traveled extensively with her parents on international teaching tours and she regularly teaches yoga classes to children.  This exposure makes Sunnie wise beyond her years.  She produced the ‘Yoga 4 Kidz’ classes so that she could inspire other children to try yoga and receive it’s benefits. She feels that yoga has helped her studies become easier, given her more confidence and is a fun way to stay healthy and balanced.  


Charlotte Saint Jean - Yin Yoga Teacher. 

CharlotteCharlotte was born in England and now lives in France where she devotes herself to her family and her yoga teachings, study and practise.

She has studied many different forms of Yoga and has trained in the Sivananda Vedanta School, with Shiva Rea (Vinyasa), David Swenson (Ashtanga), Lara Bauman (Quantum) and Sarah Powers (Yin/Insight Yoga).

For the last 10 years Charlotte has integrated their teachings and inspirations into her own unique style whilst respecting the traditions of this ancient practise.  Her teaching style is the reflection of a healthy, dynamic and happy life full of gratitude and joy.   


Maureen McKain - Yoga & Relaxation Teacher.

MaureenMaureen has a warm and compassionate approach to people and life.  She has been teaching yoga and relaxation for over 30 years and during this time she has continued to study and deepen her knowledge. 

She has studied studied on Integral Yoga specializing with Hatha Yoga,
Breath Education, Relaxation techniques, Meditation & Egyptian Therapies.
Maureen is also a well respected sound healer, gong master, workshop leader and keynote speaker who holds the title of Ambassador of the Peace which was granted  to her in 2007 by his Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Bali. 

Maureen is enthusiastic, caring and engaging, her knowledge is vast and she continues to share this generously through all her teachings.  


Frank Perry - Sound Scientist & Healer. 

FrankFrank Perry is a Tibetan singing bowl expert, sound-healer, visionary percussionist, composer, Overtone/Undertone singer, Gong expert, spiritual astrologer, spiritual healer, past-life therapist, philosopher, artist, writer, mystic, metaphysician, workshop leader, and lecturer, wood turner & musical instrument inventor & builder.

Frank began his musical career in 1964 and in 1968 he began pioneering new age music in Britain and he remains at the very cutting edge of  it's worldwide devlopment today.

During his career so far Frank has performed over 350 solo concerts and played on over 100 different albums (on 34 different record labels). His Tibetan Singing bowl music was featured in the Millennium Dome, London and in the award winning film 10 Bulls.

It is no exaggeration to say that Franks singing bowl music is considered to be some of the very finest in the world. 


Kath Bee - Singer & Songwriter.

KathKath Bee is an award winning children’s singer songwriter who's work is inspirational and truly remarkable.  Kath has an incredible ability to connect with children and write songs they really want to sing and dance too.  In fact her clever, catchy tunes and lyrics will soon have the whole family joining in.  With songs like “Individuality”, “Dad I wanna be a Camel” and “Save the Planet”, Kath is fast becoming a household name.

“I write songs for children that won’t drive adults crazy! I love writing, singing and recording my songs and interacting with children, seeing their happy, smiling faces when they sing my . I also really love their openness, honesty and willingness to participate” Kath Bee.  


Narayani - Devotional Singer.

NarayaniNarayani is a devotional singer, voice work facilitator and yoga teacher who travels regularly to India to enrich her teaching and practice.

She has trained with Chloe Goodchild and the Naked Voice as a voice work facilitator, the Krishnamacharya Yoga and Healing Foundation and at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres. She has a degree in Health Sciences: Complementary Therapies which lends great experience to her workshops and classes. 

Her personal journey with yoga and sound, and the discovery of her powerful voice, had such a profound and transformative impact on her life that she now shares this by offering concerts and workshops throughout the UK and Europe as well as regular voice circles and one to one teaching.  


Davide Swarup - Musician.

DavideDavide Swarup is an independent musician, busker and traveller who is a true master of the hang drum. He was born in Italy and grew up close to Rome, he now lives between Europe and Asia. His preferred motto is: "There is no way to Happiness, happiness is the way", and this becomes evident when you listen to Davide playing the hang.

He was first introduced to the hang in 2005 and two years later he released his first solo album, "Music for Hang". When Davide plays he becomes one with the instrument he was born to play.

“I touched the bass tone of the hang, the ding, and I felt something, a new sensation moving to my heart like air, a vibration, from that moment I started to play every day and I can’t stop playing. Through this many opportunities have come to me.” Davide Swarup.  


Avi Adir - Musician.

AviAvi plays five different kinds of flute and has been doing so for at least twenty years.

He travels around the world using acoustic instruments and his voice to create and perform music from the heart.  

Avi loves to lose himself to music and uses it to move between a state of trance and meditation.  He has the true ability to spread joy and love through his music which leaves you feeling uplifted with a sense of inner peace, or to put it another way, it will bring a smile to your face and a glow to your heart. 



Angela Day - Natural Spiritual Healer. 

AngelaAngela has been a natural spiritual healer for the past 30 years. She uses her spiritual gifts to help others and attends many Psychic Festivals in the UK and administers at Workshops and performs Spiritual Healing at Health Centres.  

Angela has always been inspired by Mother Nature and where necessary in her work will encourage communication with our great benefactor aiming to "awaken your connection to yourself with Mother Earth".  

She intuitively journeys to sacred areas around the world in pursuit of a deeper spiritual awakening for herself, enabling her to give a greater dimension to help others.  Whilst visiting sacred sites in Cornwall, England she was inspired to record two self healing sessions titled Heart Glow and Seashore Glow. 


The Mosaic Orchestra - Musicians & Singers.

MosaicThe World Mosaic of Sound is a collaboration of musicians and singers from around the world who pioneer new developments and approaches to music, based on thirty years of ground-breaking research. Involving both amateurs and professionals, and spanning classical, world, contemporary and new music forms, their aim is the greater understanding and use of sound in purposeful ways.

“We have a passion for the potential of music and the on-going development of ourselves as 'human instruments', in both our inner lives and practical skills. We promote concerts, and are active in research, education and community music projects. Our central mission is the application of sound to the betterment of the human situation” - The Mosaic Orchestra.  


Katie Rose - Singer & Songwriter.

KatieKatie has performed and facilitated groups involving sound at festivals, yoga centres and schools across the UK and internationally.  From an early age Katie has been singing in churches which has given her profound experience of the power of the voice. At the age of 15, Katie experienced a strong calling to use her voice as an instrument of healing and to support others on that journey.  Her grandmother was deaf, so she grew up with a sensitivity to those with different abilities and has worked since a teenager with children and adults with special needs.  Katie became fascinated with the relationship between performance and ritual whilst studying Literature and Theatre Studies at University and explored the relationship between personal development and creativity at the Institute of Creativity.

During a period of global travel, Katie began training as a holistic therapist and has explored the power of intentional sounding within spiritual practices such as Kabbalah, Hindu/Vedic Mantra, Gospel Singing, Christian Liturgy, Sufi Zikr, Pagan & Celtic Chant, Traditional Folk Music and Yoga techniques. These experiences and the responses Katie witnessed in others around her became her inspiration to release albums of medicinal music.

 “I work with a mystic understanding that all practices are a map of the spiritual terrain, which ultimately remains beyond description, that they are branches of the same tree. I believe that music has a key role to play in promoting tolerance within our communities as it liberates the possibility of communication across every known border of experience” Katie Rose. 


Andrew Forrest - Musician. 

AndrewAndrew Forrest is a musician and painter now living in the South Island of New Zealand.  He was born in Cornwall, South West England in 1958.

Andrew’s interest in music was nurtured from an early age, his mother and grandfather in particular introducing him to classical music, and he sang in the local church choir as a boy soprano. Later, he was strongly influenced by early progressive rock and the instrumental music of the 70s, and in the late 80s the deep-space ambiences of Michael Stearns, Jonn Serrie and Constance Demby.  

Andrew says, “Looking back, I think singing in the choir and listening to lots of classical music as a child gave me the musical grounding needed to develop as a composer and musician.   Piano improvisation from the late 80’s right through to today has been a major factor in my musical development, exploring themes, melodies and structure. Sitting at the piano is, for me, a totally timeless, joyful experience”, 

Andrew’s music provides a space for deep meditation and a time for personal reflection and healing.   It is ideal for use in healing practices, meditation, relaxation, yoga and providing an inspirational and harmonious environment for creative writing and visual arts. His albums have received exceptional reviews from the international community, and he constantly receives positive feedback from listeners around the globe. 


Nikki Slade - Devotional Singer.

Nikki SladeNikki Slade has pioneered voice and sound work in the UK since 1990. During her earlier career as an actress and singer she performed in venues including the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal National Theatre, developing the abilities to work with audiences large and small.

Initially, Nikki was inspired by the power of sound through the sacred chants of Eastern traditions. Nikki has studied with teachers who specialise in the transforming power of the voice, and would like to express her deep gratitude to her friend and teacher Chloë Goodchild.

Nikki has worked with the Central School of Speech and Drama and the London School of Musical Theatre. She has led workshops for the NHS and Wandsworth Prison and works regularly at The North London Priory Hospital on the addiction treatment programme.

“People from all walks of life have benefited from Nikki’s technique, including businessmen and women, bankers and health service workers.” Choice Magazine. 


Sherry Lowe-Bernie - Pilates Teacher. 

SherrySherry is a highly experienced Certified Pilates Instructor who has been teaching in the fitness industry for over twenty-five years. She is certified to teach mat-based Pilates, Standing Pilates as well as the equipment-based repertoire on the Cadillac, Reformer and Wunda Chair.   Sherry has been teaching Pilates for twelve years at her own fully equipped, private studio in Toronto, Canada. She uses Pilates to help people with general fitness goals as well as those who suffer from spinal conditions and back pain. She also works with motor vehicle accident victims and amputees.  

During her time teaching Pilates, Sherry noticed that many of her clients were unable to do many of the ‘classical’ Pilates exercises either because of a pre-existing condition or because of their general level of fitness and health. This gave her an idea and she began to create her Personalizing Pilates MP3 downloadable workouts with the goal of helping as many people as possible experience the benefits of doing Pilates. The approach is to teach the simple exercises and to break down the more difficult Pilates exercises into their component parts so that everyone can benefit from doing them.  


Jonathan Hugh - Musician.

Jonathan HughJonathan started playing the cello when he was 10 years old and later went on to play in musicals in London's West End theatre district. In early 2000, he met the group 'Bliss' as they had just begun writing and recording the album, 'A Hundred Thousand Angels', which has now reached the status of 'spiritual classic' in the UK. He toured with the group for the next 5 years and continued to work on sessions in and around London.

In early 2009 he took time out to concentrate on a debut solo instrumental album and over an 18 month period ‘Lucid Dreaming' was created. In between playing at spiritual festivals in the UK Jonathan is currently working on a follow up album.  



Sheila Whittaker - Gongmaster & Sound Healer.

SheilaSheila originally trained a violinist and musician at the Royal College of Music and had a thriving career in mainstream classical music.  Some years ago Sheila reached a turning point in her career after attending a talk on Sound Healing and realised it was time to use her musical abilities in a different way for more direct healing purposes. Various “coincidences” and synchronicities led her to study with Simon Heather, principal of the College of Sound Healing, with whom she completed her basic Sound Healing training.

Further synchronicities led to Sheila’s meeting with Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux, discovering the Gong and its’ unique healing power. Sheila studied with Don, and has specialised in the use of the Gong for Sound Therapy. Other ancient & unusual healing instruments are also utilised in her Sound Therapy recordings including master quality Himalayan singing bowls, bells, tuning forks and the violin.

Sheila is now a member of the UK Sound Healers Association & the Complimentary Medical Association. She is a tutor the College of Sound Healing, & was for two years Chairperson for the College. She teaches the “Sound Healing with Gongs”, “Chant & Mantra”, & Harmonium workshops under the College umbrella.