Messenger of Beauty - Frank Perry

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The Messenger of Beauty is an album of music inspired by specific paintings created by the great Russian artist Professor Nikolai Rerikh.

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Each track is named after and was created whist Frank contemplated a particular painting. The lofty spiritual subject matter of each painting also provided Frank with a guide when trying to capture it's spiritual vibrational energy and focus to create a sonic equivalent of the artwork.

Although the music stands alone the listener is encouraged to listen to each track whilst viewing the related painting, this is not essential but as each track was created as a synthesis between the two art forms it will enhance the experience. With this in mind an image of each painting is included with the CD and download.

The tracks were created using Tibetan Singing Bowls, hand bells, meditation cymbals(ting Shag), Himalayan Singing Bowls, PAISTE Symphonic Gongs, Planet Gongs, Sound Creation gongs, Tibetan tantric chanting and Mongolian throat singing.

The Messenger of Beauty CD/Download contains the following tracks

  1. 1.rdorje the Daring who stood facing Mahakala himself (13:29)
  2. 2. Lotus (15:36)
  3. 3. Saint Serglus (10:36)
  4. 4. Christ (13:28)
  5. 5. In Thought (11:29)
  6. 6. Kalki Avatar (12:41)

Total Playing Time 77:19

The CD/Download also includes a booklet containing information about the tracks and images of the related atrworks.

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