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The Imporatnce of Breath

The breath is a vtial component of yoga.


Balance Your Chakras

Supercharge your energy with these yogic tecnhiques.

The Importance of Alignment

When we are correctly alligned everything works better.


Five Things Every Beginner Should Know About Yoga

Yoga and what it can offer


Fat Busting Poses

Sculpt and shape your body with these easy moves.

Anti-ageing Asanas

Hold back the years and boost your vital life force with these postures.

Natural Health Magazine October 2014Anxiety Busting Asanas

Calm your nerves and give stress the heave-ho with these poses.








Compassionate Poses published in Kindred Spirit Magazine July 2014Compassionate Poses

The physical practice of yoga is not just about conditioning your body; you can develop compassion too.








Yoga for Back Pain published in Natural Health Magazine July 2014Yoga for Back Pain

Free up your body and banish aches with these soothing asanas.








5 Hot New Yoga Trends published in Natural Health Magazine June 20145 Hot New Yoga Trends

Yoga is as popular now as aerobics was in the 90’s and with this popularity we see a whole new set of trends.






Yoga for Compassion - The Yoga Magazine - March 2014Yoga for Compassion

Yoga and compassion seem to go hand in hand.








Power of Asana - Fitness Life Magazine - Feb/March 2014Power of Asana

Yoga is increasingly being recognised for its ability to increase physical strength and improve sporting performance.







Head to Heart - Yoga Magazine - December 2013Head to Heart - Part 1. Part 2

Moving your yoga practice from your head to your heart.







Yoga Energy Booster -Yoga Magazine - November 2013Yoga Energy Booster

Just a few simple yoga postures can help boost your energy levels.








Keep Your Cool - Fitness Life - Aug/Sept 2013

Keep Your Cool

Cooling down properly is a crucial part of any physical activity. Sue suggests yoga postures to help you cool down post training.








Go with the Flow by Sue Fuller published in Fitness Life June/July 2013

Go with the Flow

From running to skiing Sue Fullers yoga warm-up will complement any type of training.








Yoga techniques to Boost Your Immune System written by Sue Fuller and published in Natural Health Magazine November 2012Yoga to Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your bodies defenses with yogic breathing techniques.








Get Fit In Your Lunch Hour written by Sue Fuller and published in Natural Health Magazine September 2012Get Fit In Your Lunch Hour

These yoga postures and techniques can be practised whilst seated at your desk.








Link to Feature written by Sue Fuller and published in Natural Health Magazine April 2012It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It

The key to getting the maximun benefit from your yoga practice is to make sure you're doing it properly.








Yoga for I.B.S by Sue Fuller - Yoga Magazine June 2012Yoga for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common condition affecting 10-15% of the population, with twice as many women as men being affected.








A Spring Detox by Sue Fuller - Yoga Magazine March 2012A Spring Yoga Detox

A springtime detox will help to shed any extra weight gained during the winter months, speed up the digestive system, strengthen the immune system, increase motivation and encourage us to connect with the positive energy that the season of renewal and transformation brings with it.







Fire Up Your System by Sue Fuller - Natural Health Magazine February 2012Yoga to Fire Up Your System

Ignite your inner flame and burn brightly through the chilly days with warming yoga postures.








Turn Back the Clock by Sue Fuller - Yoga Magazine January 2012Anti-Ageing Yoga to Turn Back the Clock

Practicing yoga regularly is an economical and realistic way to help slow down and minimise many of the common signs of ageing.








The Benefits of Yoga by Sue Fuller, Your Wellness.net January 2012The Benefits of Yoga

Practicing Yoga regularly balances both body and mind to help you achieve optimum levels of health and vitality.








Yoga for Weight-loss by Sue Fuller – Women’s Fitness Magazine Dec 08Yoga for Weight-loss.

Not only does Yoga improve flexibility it also helps weight-loss and aids digestion.








And Breathe… by Sue Fuller - Natural Health Magazine Jan 09And Breathe...

Boost your immune system and revitalise mind, body and soul with these yogic breathing exercises.








Stretch Yourself Beautiful by Sue Fuller - Natural Health Magazine Nov 08Stretch Yourself Beautiful with Yoga 

Bring harmony to your life and get a body to die for in the process.








All the right moves by Sue Fuller - Natural Health Magazine Nov 08All the Right Moves

Feeling under the weather? Try these gentle yoga poses to balance your emotions.








The Power of a Twist - Yoga Magazine March 2010The Power of a Twist

Asanas that twist the torso are vital to complete any yoga practice. They complement all forward and back-bending postures and provide a long list of physical, emotional and energetic benefits.







Spring Loaded - Om Yoga and Lifestyle March/April 2010 Spring Loaded

Now is the time to grow your yoga practice. Follow this simple vinyasa flow sequence to reboot your energy levels.








Get Beach-fit in 2 weeksGet Beach-fit with Yoga in just 2 weeks

If the gym isn't really you thing, and you prefer a more hollistic workout, yoga is the perfect way to shape and tone the body.








The Beginners Guide to Yoga

The Beginners Guide to Yoga

Celebrity fitnesss trends may come and go, but one that's stood the test of time is Yoga. And despite what you might think you don't need to be able to contort yourself into impossible positions, do any mystical chanting or learn the Sanskrit names for the postures to experience the many benefits. 







Use Your Mind PowerUse Your Mind Power

If you thought Yoga was only for people chasing spiritual nirvana, think again. Leading athletes and trainers are now using the techniques to focus mind and body with imnpressive results.








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Yoga and Compassion seem to go hand in hand.