F.Q.A at WellbeingWorldOnline

I would like to buy downloads but don't know how. Where can I find out more?

Go to our Delivery page, it takes you through the whole process and more.

I have bought a download but have not recieved it. Can you help?

If you have not recieved your sales confirmation email containing your download link or links please check your JUNK, SPAM, TRASH or DELETED ITEMS folders. Depending on your email security settings the message may have been diverted to one of those locations and not your indox. If you still can't find the email after checking please contact us and we will help.

I can't open your download file on my iPad/iPhone. What can I do?

If you are using a new series iPad, iPhone, tablet or other android device check that you have the WinZip app installed, it is needed to open many types of download file and is Free. Get it from any app store or Download WinZip now.

How does Wellbeing World Online define a Beginner?

A Beginner is someone who has had little or no previous exposure to their chosen area of interest, i.e, yoga, pilates, meditation, etc, but is keen to try it out, learn the basics and begin to experience the benefits. Our beginner's classes have been created with these points in mind and provide detailed tuition of appropriate postures, exercises and techniques etc. If you are not sure of the correct level for you just email us and ask.

How does Wellbeing World Online define an Improver?

An Improver would be someone who has had exposure to their chosen area of interest, i.e, yoga, pilates, meditation, etc, and is keen to move on from a beginner level by learning more and developing their practice. Our Improver's classes have been created with these points in mind and provide progressive tuition of appropriate postures, exercises and techniques etc. If you are not sure of the correct level for you just email us and ask. 

Are your products "live" classes that have been recorded? 

The quick answer is No! All of our classes are devised and created specifically as audio classes and recorded in recording studios. Our hand picked experts have adapted their teaching styles accordingly to provide easy-to-follow tuition that allows you to close your eyes if you wish, really focus on the experience and how it feels and maximise the benefits you receive.

I have a new device and can't transfer my downloads... can you help?

Yes, no problem there! If you set up an account all the download classes you have purchased from us are available 24/7 on your account/downloads page. Just log into your account and download and save your classes onto your shiny new toy. If you have a new iPad you may need to download the free WinZip app before you can save and open our files.  If you didn't set up an account just email us with your order number and we will email you back with fresh download links.

What devices play your audio downloads?

Any MP3 compatible device will do the job, Your MAC or PC media player, tablet, i-pod, phone, mp3 player, etc. 

What devices play your CD's?

Any MAC or PC with a disc drive, any CD player, DVD or Blu-ray player will play our audio CD's. 

I have a CD, how do I get a guide book?   

If the CD you have does not contain a guide book all you need to do is locate and click the "Free Guide Books" button on the left of this page. Find the title of the CD you have on the page and click the link. A window opens and there is the guide book. If you wish you can save it to your computer or print a copy. 

I have another Question, can you help?

No problem, just contact us with your question and we will reply promptly.



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