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Inflight Yoga

 No PDF Required  for this Class

Laughter Yoga

 Laughter Yoga


 Chakra Meditations

 Daily Meditations for Mindfulness

 Daily Meditations - Th Metta Bhavana

 Learn to Meditate - The Mindfulness of Breathing

 Learn to Meditate - The Metta Bhavana


 Easy Everyday Mindfulness

 Mindfulness for the Absolute Beginner

 Mindfulness - Overcoming the Obstacles


 Introduction to Pilates

 Pilates for Beginners Class 1 

Pranayamas & Mudras

 Pranayamas for Beginners

 Pranayamas & Mudras Vol.1

 Pranayamas & Mudras Vol.2


 Pre-Natal Relaxation

 Pre-Natal Yoga


 Post-Natal Yoga


 Inspirational Relaxations

 Relaxations for Sleep Vol.1

 More Relaxation for Sleep


 Seated Relaxations

 Yoga Relaxations

Satyanada Yoga

 Tantric Meditations - Depths of the Mind

 Tantric Meditations - Evolving Through the Chakras

 Tantric Meditations - Seeds of Creation

 Tantric Meditations - Steps to Freedom

 Yoga for Kidz by Kidz

 Yoga for Women

 Yoga Solutions for Life

Smoking Cessation

 Stop Smoking & Breathe 

Vocal Training

PDFThe Miracle of your Voice - Class 1 - Registration 

Weight Loss

 2 in 1 Yoga for Weight Loss

 More 2 in 1 Yoga for Weight Loss


 Beginners AM-PM Yoga 

 Beginners Daily Yoga

 Beginners Yoga Vol.1

 Beginners Yoga Vol.2

 Beginners Yoga Vol.3

 Cardio Yoga Vol.1

 Cardio Yoga Vol.2

 Chakra Yoga Vol.1

 Chakra Yoga Vol.2

 Core Yoga

 Daily Core Yoga

 Deep Yoga Stretches

 Detox Yoga

 Easy Yoga for Stress

 Eye Yoga

 Flow Alignment

 Gentle Yoga

 Gentle Yoga Stretches

 Gentle Daily Yoga

 Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness

 Improvers AM-PM Yoga

 Improvers Daily Yoga

 Improvers Yoga Vol.1

 Improvers Yoga Vol.2

 Improvers Yoga Vol.3

 Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

 Introduction to Core Yoga

 Simple Yoga for a Healthy Back

 Strong AM-PM Yoga

 The Fundamentals of Flow

 Vinyasa Flow

 Yin Yoga Class 1

 Yin Yoga Class 2

 Yoga for Balance

 Yoga for Compassion

 Yoga for Confidence

 Yoga for Snow Sports Vol.1

 Yoga for Snow Sports Vol.2

 Yoga for the Surf Vol.1

 Yoga for the Surf Vol.2

 Yoga for Vitality

 Yoga on a Chair

 Yoga Vinyasas for Beginners

 Yoga Vinyasas for Improvers



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