Chandrashekhar by Narayani and Jason Kalidas

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Chandrashekhar is an infectious and uplifting combination of meditative and ecstatic chants. Narayani's rich, mesmerising voice and the sublime drumming, flute and percussion of Jason Kalidas create a powerful and spine-tingling experience.

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Chandrashekhar is a perfect example of the positive power of chanting and resonant sound. However you choose to listen you will always be truly moved by its sincerity, joy, beauty and raw energy.

This is Narayani’s first album, it has been produced in collaboration with Jason Kalidas.

Chandrashekhar contains the following tracks

  1. 1. Krishna Govinda
  2. 2. Om Namah Sivaya
  3. 3. Jai Ananda Mayi Ma
  4. 4. Shiva Shambo/Om Bhagavan
  5. 5. Sri Ram
  6. 6. Om Namo Narayanaya


The CD & Download of Chandrashekhar include a booklet containing all the chants.

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