Chakra Healing - Frank Perry

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Chakra Healing will take you on a journey of self-discovery through a sequence of 7 specially composed pieces of chakra music played by sound master Frank Perry.

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Frank uses a precisely-tuned set of ancient Chakra bowls to create a rainbow journey of liberating energy. The purifiying sound produced by the bowls is attuned to harmonic resonances that will gently but potently activate your Chakras to assist you along your spiritual pathway.

The Chakra Healing CD/Download contains the following tracks

  1. 1. ROOT CHAKRA - MULADHARA (Ways of Service 10:00)
  2. 2. SEX / SACRAL CHAKRA - SVADISTHANA (Secret of the Golden Flower 11:00)
  3. 3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - MANIPURA (Pool of the Golden Lotus 10:00)
  4. 4. HEART CHAKRA - ANAHATA (Hymn for the Golden Child of a Fiery Heart 16:00)
  5. 5. THROAT CHAKRA – VISHUDDHA (Portal of Initiation 10:00)
  6. 6. THIRD EYE CHAKRA - AJNA (Vision of the Shining Ones 12:00)
  7. 7. CROWN CHAKRA - SAHASRARA (Tree of the Great White Light 10:00)

Total Playing Time 78:00

The CD/Download also includes a booklet containing information about the tracks and their associated Chakras.

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