About Us

Wellbeing World devise, create and distribute high quailty audio well-being classes covering a  wide spectrum of personal and spiritual development. Our classes are avilable on this site as well as iTunes, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and over 22,000 other outlets. You can even enjoy our classes as inflight entertainment on the worlds 12 biggest international airlines.

Who are we?

Sue FullerWellbeing World was founded by Sue Fuller and her husband Greg. Sue is a highly respected Yoga teacher who has continually studied, taught and lived yoga around the world for more than 20 years. Sue is the author of three British School of Yoga training courses including the Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher training course. She is also a writer on all things yogic and has been the resident yoga expert at Natural Health magazine for the last 6 years. She also writes regularly for The Yoga Magazine, The Global Yogi and Fitness Life.

Greg is a sound engineer/editor who has worked film, theatre and live music for many years. He has always had a keen interest in Yoga, Meditation, health and well-being.

Their very popular "Yoga 2 Hear" range of audio yoga and relaxation classes is sold by leading websites and in bookstores around the world. It is on this successful foundation that Wellbeing World is based.

What are we all about? 

Sue, Greg and the rest of the Wellbeing World team are committed to developing, producing an distributing an expanding range of quality audio products to enhance health and well-being for people of all ages and abilities. Wellbeing World is a yogic company based on principals of honesty, thoughtfulness, loyalty and great service.  We hope you enjoy the products we are so very proud to offer.


Why choose WellbeingWorld Online? 


Our classes and sessions are devised and developed specifically for audio. They are then recorded, edited and mastered in a professional recording studio. Each product is then tried and tested before being released. Our aim is to make sure they are the next best thing to having the teacher there with you 1 to 1.

Many of our classes include a free downloadable visual reference guide book. Each guide is packed with photos of the postures, exercises or techniques instructed in the class and includes hints, tips and support information to get you going.  

WellbeingWorldOnline Quality Download Classes Simplicity

Unlike a DVD class our audio sessions do not create a visual distraction. Just listening allows you to close your eyes, internalize your focus and go deeper making your session more effective. The effectiveness is further enhanced by the easy to follow, spacious tuition which requires little thought, so again, you can focus deeper on your body and mind and how it is at that moment. 


Our classes fit your timetable wherever you are. You can practice in the comfort of your own home, in the park, on the beach, in a hotel room, in fact almost anywhere. Your classes, your way, what could be better! 


Variety is the spice of life. At Wellbeing World Online you can choose from a wide and evolving range of well-being practices. Within each area you will find high quality classes of varying style, level and length. You can discover and enjoy new teachers, new practices and experience new benefits. 


If you buy more that one item during a visit you can take advantage of our multiple item dicsounts, the more items you buy the more you save! You can then use your classes over and over again, anytime and anywhere you want. If for any reason you loose your downloads just log onto your WellbeingWorld Account/Library Page and simply download any or all of your classes again as often as you need to..for free.


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Secure Card Transactions

At Wellbeing World you can buy with confidence using your credit and debit cards. We use the ultra secure PayPal Payments Pro system to handle all card transactions and retain no card details at all.