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Our guided well-being downloads and CD's are really, really effective and have been created to enable you improve your health and vitality in your own space and time. In each session our teachers guide you through the techniques 1 to 1 using clear, easy-to-follow instruction that promotes a state of relaxed concentration. 

All Wellbeing World classes include a free guide book packed with information and images to get you started, and because we want you to gain maximum benefit from our classes we back them all up with free expert advice and support.

Our classes are not recordings of group sessions like many found on the web. They are specifically devised for the audio format and have been recorded and mastered in a professional sound studio. Before release each new class is tried and tested to ensure it's quality and ease of use. 

If you need any help at all, please feel free to ask our advice about which classes would be best for you. We're here to help.

Wellbeing World prices dropped throught the store. Instsant MP3 delivery and low free worldwide CD delivery. 

Latest Releases & Special Offers

  1. The Daily Meditations for Mindfulness Download by Rod Watson

    Daily Meditations for Mindfulness

    Starting at: $18.95

    *New Release*

    Daily Meditations for Mindfulness consists of five different 20 minute guided sessions. The sessions have been created to promote and develop the two key aspects of mindfulness - awareness of the present moment and acceptance without judgement. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples

  2. The Yoga2Hear Yoga for Compassion MP3 Download

    Yoga for Compassion

    Starting at: $14.35

    *New Release*

    Yoga for Compassion is a easy to follow 30 minute session that combines a series of gentle yoga postures with simple elements of the Metta Bhavana meditation on loving kindness.

    Learn More and Listen to Free Samples
  3. Yoga 2 Hear Yoga for Balance MP3 Download and CD

    Yoga for Balance

    Starting at: $18.95

    *Special Offer 25% Off CD & MP3* Enter code BALANCE25 at the checkout. Offer ends midnight April 17th 2014.

    Yoga for Balance contains carefully selected asanas, pranayamas and mudras that work together to balance your entire being. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples
  4. The Yoga2Hear Chakra Meditations CD and Instant MP3 Download

    Chakra Meditations

    Starting at: $15.95

    *Now Updated and Re-released*

    In order for us to experience optimal levels of physical and emotional health it is vital that our Chakras are clear, well balanced and resonating correctly. The two easy-to-follow Yoga2hear Chakra Mediations sessions will enable you to cleanse and balance the Chakras, removing blockages that obstruct the flow of prana or vital life force from the seven main Chakras and your physical body. Free flowing prana brings many benefits including increased vitality, well-being and emotional health and stability.

    Learn More and Listen to Free Samples
  5. The Yoga2Hear Inflight Yoga Class mp3 download

    Inflight Yoga

    Starting at: $10.95

    *Recent Release*

    Inflight Yoga is a must have session for anyone travelling by plane this holiday season. The class is followed whilst in your seat and includes simple yoga techniques that will increase circulation and gently stretch the body, making sure that you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, refreshed and recharged.

    Learn More and Listen to Free Samples

Here's what our amazing customers have to say about our their Wellbeing World classes.
I love the audio classes which give me a variety of different yoga practises. The am/pm classes at 30 minutes are brilliant when I am short of time.
Thanks for bringing such amazing teachers into my life. I have used other yoga and meditation download stores in the past but Wellbeing World is the best by far!
I love the simple and spacious instructions. In fact I find that I practice more often - its so much more motivating to follow your audio classes than to 'make' myself do it alone. Highly recommended!
Your classes are fabulous - calming, encouraging and inspirational and whay fantastic customer service and support.
I love the Gentle Daily Yoga CD. I read about it in the December 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. I am so pleased that I made the purchase, I feel fabulous!
Your classes are wonderful! It's no exaggeration to say that making the time and space to practice has become a vital part of my life.
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