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  1. The WellbeingWorld Daily Meditations - Metta Bhavana MP3 Download by Rae Roberts

    Daily Meditations - The Metta Bhavana

    Starting at: $18.95

    New Release - June 2014

    Daily Meditations - The Metta Bhavana is made up of six 13 minute guided sessions. The first takes you through all five stages of the Metta Bhavana meditation. The other sessions also work through the five stages with a particular focus on one of the stages in each session.

    Learn More and Listen to Free Samples
  2. Yoga 2 Hear Relaxationd for Sleep Vol.1 Download and CD by Sue Fuller

    Relaxations for Sleep Vol.1

    Starting at: $17.95

    Updated and Re-released - July 2014

    Relaxations for Sleep Vol.1 contains two different 30 minute guided relaxation sessions that will deeply relax your body and mind. The sessions have been devised to be followed whilst you are lying comfortably in bed. They will lead you into a fantastic sleep from which you will wake feeling calm, refreshed and revitalised. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples

  3. The Yoga 2 Hear Yoga for Confidence MP3 Download

    Yoga for Confidence

    Starting at: $15.95

    Yoga for Confidence is made up of four separate 15 minute instructional sessions that use carefully selected combinations of yoga breathing techniques (pranayamas), yoga gestures (mudras) and visualization techniques to make you feel good and naturally boost your self confidence. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples
  4. Simple Yoga for a Healthy Back

    Simple Yoga for a Healthy Back

    Starting at: $14.35

    New Release - May 2014

    Simple Yoga for a Healthy Back is a 35 minute guided sessions suitable for those with and without previous yoga experience. The session uses simple floor based postures and movements to help you achieve and maintain a healthy back. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples

  5. The Daily Meditations for Mindfulness Download by Rod Watson

    Daily Meditations for Mindfulness

    Starting at: $18.95

    New Release - May 2014

    Daily Meditations for Mindfulness consists of five different 20 minute guided sessions. The sessions have been created to promote and develop the two key aspects of mindfulness - awareness of the present moment and acceptance without judgment. Learn More and Listen to Free Samples

Our guided audio well-being downloads and CD's are practical, portable and effective. They allow you improve your health and vitality in your own space and time. In each session our highly experienced teachers guide you through the techniques using clear, easy-to-follow instruction, in plain English, that promotes a state of relaxed concentration without the distractions or restrictions created by visual classes. 

Our sessions are not recordings of group sessions like many found on the web. They are specifically devised for the audio format and have been recorded and mastered in a professional sound studio. Before release each new class is tried and tested to ensure it's quality and ease of use. 

All Wellbeing World classes include a free guide book pdf packed with additional information and images to help get you started, and because we want you to gain maximum benefit from our sessions we back them all up with free help and advice. If you need any help before selecting our classes please feel free to ask, we're here to help and will reply quickly. 

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Customer comments on our products and service. 
I love the audio classes which give me a variety of different yoga practises. The am/pm classes at 30 minutes are brilliant when I am short of time. 
Thanks for bringing such amazing teachers into my life. I have used other yoga and meditation download stores in the past but Wellbeing World is the best by far! 
I love the simple and spacious instructions. In fact I find that I practice more often - its so much more motivating to follow your audio classes than to 'make' myself do it alone. Highly recommended!
Your classes are fabulous - calming, encouraging and inspirational and whay fantastic customer service and support. 
I love the Gentle Daily Yoga CD. I read about it in the December 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. I am so pleased that I made the purchase, I feel fabulous!
Your classes are wonderful! It's no exaggeration to say that making the time and space to practice has become a vital part of my life.